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Swaddle UP Original Swaddle UP 50/50 Inventa Sleeping Bag


The Love To Swaddle UPTM is step one in the Love To DreamTM sleep system. This unique baby swaddle solution allows you to swaddle with arms UP, allowing your baby to self-soothe. This helps your baby to quickly settle & establish an easy & peaceful sleep routine.


The '50/50' is an important sleep solution to help gently transition your baby from a swaddle towards the arms-free independence of a sleep bag.



The INVENTA Sleep BagTM with Genius Cooling SystemTM has the unique benefit of helping to regulate your child's temperature with minimal disturbance to their sleep.

Also available in Lite & Organic


Available in 3 Togs - 0.5, 1.0, & 2.5

Why Swaddle?

Recent studies* have shown that there are benefits associated with using a correct baby swaddle technique. If you swaddle your baby (not too tightly) before putting them to bed, he/she may sleep better & for longer.

* Studies of swaddling effects were reviewed and revealed that swaddling had beneficial effects on sleep continuity, sleep duration, temperature regulation… and soothing…… "

Swaddling: A Systemic Review.   Van Sluewen BE, Engelberts AC, Boere-Boonekamp MM, Kuis W, Schulpen TWJ, & L'Hoir MP, (2007). Journal of Paediatrics  .. Abstract:- (J/Paediatrics 2007: 120, e1097-1106.78.)

A baby swaddle can promote quality sleep

Quality sleep for babies & toddlers has been linked to the development of their brain. So it is very important for your baby to get the amount of sleep they require. Choosing the correct baby swaddle & wrapping your baby snugly can help calm their natural startle reflex so that they do not hit & wake themselves during sleep. Choosing to swaddle with arms up can assist your baby with learning to self-soothe.

From The Blog
  • Three to six months – the adventure continues… By three months of age the "shock" of your new arrival is starting to settle down. Babies are generally in a good routine with the majority of their sleep occurring at night and sleeping in 1-2 hour stretches twice during the day. By six months of age a baby will have doubled its birth weight. Lets assume that the average baby weights about 3 to 3.5 kilograms at birth-which it does- this means that the average 6 month old weighs in at about 7 kg. Of note, babies generally triple their birth...
  • Beginning the journey to better sleep Sleep is the primary activity of newborn infants, jump-starting physical and mental development by promoting growth, alertness, memory and skill acquisition. If a baby does not sleep well and has regular sleep deficits it can negatively impact on her brain function which can manifest into learning difficulties and behavioural problems. There are 2 states of sleep that contribute to healthy development in babies: - Rapid eye movement (REM) – Active sleep This is when the body is at rest...
  • What if I have to break our sleep routine? Because sleep routines run on predictability and repetitiveness any break in your baby’s routine has the potential to affect your baby’s sleep. These breaks can include many things, such as: Moving house, particularly when the new environment has removed your baby’s usual sleep associations or there are new things that can disturb your baby’s sleep such as a neighbour’s yappy dog. Travel - especially on holidays with lots of activity where your baby falls asleep...

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  • We love your product. Our little girl has been using Love To Dream since she was 3 weeks old. We noticed when she woke from a sleep cycle that she sucks on the 'paws' of her swaddle suit to self-soothe; and has slept through the night from 3 weeks of age!

    Belinda & Glen Loftus Fremantle, WA

  • The 50/50 swaddle is great! Our little man is now sleeping with his arms out and the transition was all very painless having one arm out at a time! We now use the 50/50 as a sleeping bag. So we are able to just keep using them. Thanks so much for a great product.

    Sarah Sheridan, Australia

  • I just love the new INVENTA Sleep Bag! This was the only sleeping bag we could find that doesn't have polyester filling. The cooling vents are genius, they are so handy in the middle of the night.

    Keep up the great work Love To Dream!

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